Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Stanford's Rotsaert ranked third in preseason singles

   Alexandre Rotsaert, a Stanford junior from Boca Raton, Fla., is third in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association men's preseason rankings released today.
   Rotsaert trails, in order, Daniel Cukierman of USC and William Blumberg of North Carolina.
   Sam Riffice, a Florida junior who grew up in the Sacramento, Calif., suburb of Roseville, is rated eighth. 
   The Cardinal's Arthur Fery and Tristan Boyer are first and fourth, respectively, among the top 10 men's newcomers.
   On the women's side, Stanford senior Michaela Gordon of nearby Saratoga, Calif., is ranked 10th in singles. Ashley Lahey of Pepperdine heads the rankings.
   Other rankings:
Men's singles
   20. Axel Geller, Stanford
   23. Damon Kesaris, Saint Mary's
   42. Yuta Kikuchi, California
   44. Jack Molloy, California
   63. Paul Barretto (Tiburon, Calif.), California
   75. Sangeet Sridhar, Stanford
   79. Ryder Jackson (Nicasio, Calif.), USC
   94. Arthur Fery, Stanford
   97. Philip Hjorth, California
   119. Tristan Boyer, Stanford
Men's doubles
   11. Axel Geller/Neel Rajesh, Stanford
   31. Marcus McDaniel (Vacaville, Calif.)/Pablo Schelcher, Georgia Tech
   36. Paul Barretto (Tiburon, Calif.)/Can Kaya, California
   45. Sam Riffice (grew up in Roseville, Calif.)/Duarte Vale, Florida
Women's singles
   17. Mariia Kozyreva, Saint Mary's
   18. Haley Giavara, California
   21. Carolyn Campana (Hillsborough, Calif.), Wake Forest
   26. Valentina Ivanov, California
   43. Julia Rosenqvist, California
   58. Angelica Blake, Stanford
   63. Emily Arbuthnott, Stanford
   70. Klara Kosan (Carmichael, Calif.), Pacific
   114. Janice Shin, Stanford
Women's doubles
   9. Emily Arbuthnott/Angelica Blake, Stanford
   32. Sara Choy (Palo Alto, Calif.)/Emma Higuchi, Stanford
   33. Elvena Gevargiz/Maddie Pothoff, Santa Clara
   40. Haley Giavara/Valentina Ivanov, California
   53. Anna Bright/Julia Rosenqvist, California

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