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Stanford's Zhao ranked No. 1 in preseason

Stanford's Carol Zhao reached the NCAA singles final in May.
2014 photo by Tri Nguyen/
   Stanford's Carol Zhao earned the top spot in the NCAA Division I preseason rankings, announced last week.
   Zhao, a 5-foot-5 (1.65-meter) junior from Canada, reached the NCAA singles final in May in Waco, Texas. She lost to North Carolina sophomore Jamie Loeb, who then turned pro.
   Cal's Maegan Manasse, a junior from Redondo Beach in the Los Angeles region, is ranked fourth, and USC's Giuliana Olmos, a senior from Fremont in the San Francisco Bay Area, is 10th.
   Manasse and Denise Starr, a junior from Brooklyn, N.Y., are rated third in doubles.
   On the men's side, UCLA junior Mackenzie McDonald of Piedmont in the Bay Area, is ranked third in singles and sixth in doubles with Martin Redlicki.
   Collin Altamirano, a sophomore at NCAA champion Virginia from Sacramento, is 27th in singles. 
   The next NCAA rankings will be released on Jan. 5.
   The inaugural ITA/Oracle Masters in Malibu, Calif., highlighted the opening of the fall season last weekend.
   The Masters men's and women's singles titles went to Cameron Norrie of Texas Christian and Danielle Collins of Virginia, respectively. Zhao did not play in the tournament.
   USC's Giuliana Olmos, a senior from Fremont in the Bay Area, and Gabby Smith captured the Masters women's doubles title, and Virginia's Luca Corinteli and Ryan Shane took the men's doubles crown.
   The next big tournament is the All-American Championships. The women's event is scheduled for Oct. 8-11 in Pacific Palisades, Calif., and the men's is set for Oct. 8-12 in Tulsa, Okla.
(Top 10 and Northern California)
Women's singles
1. Carol Zhao, Stanford
2. Brooke Austin, Florida
3. Julia Elbaba, Virginia
4. Maegan Manasse, Cal
5. Josie Kuhlman, Florida
6. Stephanie Wagner, Miami
7. Sydney Campbell, Vanderbilt
8. Danielle Collins, Virginia
9. Hayley Carter, North Carolina
10. Giuliana Olmos (Fremont resident), USC
15. Taylor Davidson, Stanford
16. Klara Fabikova, Cal
17. Caroline Doyle, Stanford
33. Denise Starr, Cal
39. Lynn Chi, Cal
54. Sophie Watts, Fresno State
61. Meredith Xepoleas (Sacramento native), USC
64. Karla Popovic, Cal
68. Krista Hardebeck, Stanford
91. Andrea Ka, USF
104. Maiar Sherif Ahmed, Fresno State
Women's doubles
1. Brooke Austin and Kourtney Keegan, Florida
2. Catherine Harrison and Kyle McPhillips, UCLA
3. Maegan Manasse and Denise Starr, Cal
4. Sydney Campbell and Courtney Colton, Vanderbilt
5. Eva Paalma and Rachel Pierson, Texas A&M
6. Desirae Krawczyk and Stephanie Vlad, Arizona State
7. Kendal Woodard and Paige Hourigan, Georgia Tech
8. Matea Cutura and Christine Maddox, Pepperdine
9. Mami Adachi and Aldila Sutjiadi, Kentucky
10. Quinn Gleason and Monica Robinson, Notre Dame
12. Caroline Dailey and Hadley Berg (Greenbrae resident), South Carolina
19. Taylor Davidson and Caroline Lampl, Stanford
24. Klara Fabikova and Karla Popovic, Cal
25. Caroline Doyle and Melissa Lord, Stanford
T31. Giuliana Olmos (Fremont resident) and Rianna Valdes, USC
38. Maiar Sherif Ahmed and Rana Sherif Ahmed, Fresno State
47. Lynn Chi and Olivia Hauger, Cal
Men's singles
1. Axel Alvarez Llamas, Oklahoma
2. Ryan Shane, Virginia
3. Mackenzie McDonald (Piedmont resident), UCLA
4. Julian Lenz, Baylor
5. Quentin Monaghan, Notre Dame
6. Andrew Harris, Oklahoma
7. Nicolas Alvarez, Duke
8. Thai-Son Kwiatkowski, Virginia
9. Brayden Schnur, North Carolina
10. Dominik Koepfer, Tulane
20. Tom Fawcett, Stanford
22. Andre Goransson, Cal
27. Collin Altamirano (Sacramento resident), Virginia
36. Florian Lakat, Cal
64. Filip Bergevi, Cal
T96. David Hsu (San Jose resident), Stanford
117. Nicholas Hu (Palo Alto resident), Harvard
125. Miguel Diaz, Pacific
Men's doubles
1. Austin Smith and Ben Wagland, Georgia
2. Luca Corinteli and Ryan Shane, Virginia
3. Felipe Soares and Hugo Dojas, Texas Tech
4. Boris Arias and Jordan Daigle, LSU
5. Christian Seraphim and Skander Mansouri, Wake Forest
6. Mackenzie McDonald and Martin Redlicki, UCLA
7. Benjamin Lock and Marco Nunez, Florida State
8. Cameron Norrie and Trevor Johnson, Texas Christian
9. Korey Lovett and Becker O'Shaughnessey, Alabama
10. Eddy Covalschi and Josh Hagar, Notre Dame
25. Andre Goransson and Florian Lakat, Cal
33. Tom Fawcett and Maciek Romanowicz, Stanford
T37. Brian Yeung and Nicholas Hu (Palo Alto resident), Harvard
T56. Oskar Wikberg and Filip Bergevi, Cal
58. Nils Skajaa and Vasco Valverde, USF

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