Friday, April 24, 2015

Fresno St. woman named top Mountain West player

   Fresno State's Sophie Watts was named the Women's Player of the Year in the Mountain West Conference this week.
   Watts, a junior from England, is ranked 75th nationally. She is 21-2 in singles with a 21-match winning streak.
   Watts' teammate, Maiar Sherif Ahmed, was chosen as the Freshman of the Year. Ahmed, from Egypt, is 20-3 in singles.
(Northern California players only)
   Singles -- Sophie Watts, Fresno State; Maiar Sherif Ahmed, Fresno State; Rana Sherif Ahmed, Fresno State; Sybille Gauvain, San Jose State; Marie Klocker, San Jose State.
   Doubles -- Anneka Watts and Sophie Watts, Fresno State; Maiar Sherif Ahmed and Rana Sherif Ahmed, Fresno State; Marie Klocker and Gaelle Rey, San Jose State   
   Singles -- Euan McIntosh, Fresno State. 
   Doubles -- Adam Glynn and Euan McIntosh, Fresno State
(Northern California players only)
   First-team singles -- Miguel Diaz, Pacific; Bernardo Saraiva, USF.
   Second-team singles -- Ashot Khacharyan, Santa Clara; Ilya Osintsev, Santa Clara.
   Singles honorable mention -- Jose Chamba, Pacific; Arthur Weber, Saint Mary's; Nils Skajaa, USF;  Thomas Takemoto, USF.
   First-team doubles -- Bernardo Saraiva and Nils Skajaa, USF.
   Second-team doubles -- Sam Bertram and Ilya Osintsev, Santa Clara; Mikheil Khmiadashvili and Ashot Khacharyan, Santa Clara.
   Doubles honorable mention -- Miguel Diaz and Jose Chamba, Pacific; Marlon Brand and Daniel Alameh, Pacific.
   First-team singles -- Andrea Ka, USF.
   Second-team singles -- Hana Ritterova, Pacific; Danielle Flores, Saint Mary's; Thyra Taune, USF; Delphine Rouvillois, Santa Clara.
   Singles honorable mention -- Iveta Masarova, Pacific; Jana McCord, Saint Mary's; Jamie Pawid, Saint Mary's; Kareena Manji, Saint Mary's; Millica Hadzi-Tanovic, USF.
   First-team doubles -- Andrea Ka and Marina Nikolic, USF.
   Second-team doubles -- Kareena Manji and Jamie Pawid, Saint Mary's; Parminder Kaur and Jana McCord, Saint Mary's; Iveta Masarova and Hana Ritterova, Pacific.
   Doubles honorable mention -- Nabila Farah and Daniella Silva, Santa Clara. 

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