Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gold River Challenger qualifying schedule

   Here is today's schedule for the first round of qualifying in the $50,000 FSP Gold River Women's Challenger at the Gold River Racquet Club in the Sacramento area:
(Starting on each court at 10 a.m.)
   Jacqueline Cako (1), United States, vs. Julia Moriarty, Australia.
   Alexandra Cercone, United States, vs. Alina Soltanici, Moldova.
   Abigail Bacharach, United States, vs. Ayaka Okuno (8), Japan.
   Alexandra Champion, United States, vs. Karina Vyrlan, United States.
Court 3
   Maria Meliuk, Belarus, vs. Jennifer Brady, United States.
   Chanelle Van Nguyen, United States, vs. Alaina Miller, United States.
   Anne-Liz Jeukeng, United States, vs. Jessica-Mariama Josiah, United States.
   Ching-Wen Hsu (3), Taiwan, vs. Anna Ustinova, Russia.
Court 4
   Julia Elbaba, United States, vs. Nicole Collie, Australia.
   Kelly Chen, United States, vs. Anamika Bhargava (5), United States.
   Casey Robinson, United States, vs. Natalie Pluskota (7), United States.
   Maria Smith, United States, vs. Macall Harkins (6), United States.
Court 5
   Mari Osaka (2), Japan, vs. Sophia Bursulaya, United States.
   Brianna Morgan (4), United States, vs. Lara Rafful, Italy.
   Mary Weatherholt, United States, vs. Keri Wong, United States.
   Elizabeth Profit, United States, vs. Kristina Smith, United States.

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